Southwest U.S. Tour coming October 2016

"High energy, fast-paced and inviting...
Ivan introduces innovative conditioning exercises accessible to all ages and skill levels. Partner and group exercises emphasize the community and social aspects of the dance. Insightful discussion with students on movement concepts as well as dance mindset takes place throughout the workshop. It's awesome to see such an experienced dancer design a curriculum for others and share his outlook on the artform! Hope he will be back and continue to be a part of our dance community!"
Christina Ali
City in Motion

Kansas City

"My friends and I had the pleasure to take a workshop with this legend!

Interaction. That was the word that stood out to me most: connection with each other. Everybody can explain you the steps but not the feeling inside your body...Thank you so much Ivan for all the positive energy that you gave us. Keep it up!"
Dona Fiona,
Milan, Italy

open dates in 2017 available!

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